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Clare Adam
Deaf Dance Artist
headshot of Clare, white female, smiling, brown hair
Lesley Howard, white female, blonde hair, smiling
Lesley Howard
Autistic Dance Artist

We are Clare Adam, a Deaf Dance Artist, and Lesley Howard, an Autistic Dance Artist, who are both based in Scotland. We are 2020 Contemporary Dance Graduates. We enjoy creating work that is immersive and interactive, aiming to teach life skills through a multi-sensory and kinaesthetic approach. We combine movement with play to help our audience connect with that inner child we all tend to hide away when we grow up. Our work has one aim, to simply make people smile by sharing our movement, passion, and friendship. Often combining British Sign Language with movement and storytelling, allowing us to share this beautiful language to a wider reach. 


We put accessibility at the forefront of our practice. Valuing the importance of disabled voices within Dance, we want to use our own experiences to help educate other Artist and inspire young disabled people, whilst speaking up and challenging ableist views. We are passionate about ensuring professional dance training can be a more inclusive space for disabled artist to be celebrated and how we can have these important conversations. 

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