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Rest & Be Thankful

 David Thomas Adam Photography

Video Credit: David Thomas Photography

It's a must : Choreographed by Leeanne Dobbie

Exploring what it’s like when dainty femininity is met with strength. Through their movement vocabulary, Clare and Lesley share their journey as they fight for their place in a society not built for them. Through the use of release-based movement and improvisation, they want to invite you on this journey with them. Finding power in friendship & hard work to overcome the challenges life throws at them

Heads Up: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022: Dance Base
Gathered Together Festival 2022: Glasgow Tramway

 David Thomas Adam Photography

Exploring what it means to be switched off. How can one switch off when they are programmed to switch on. This is a challenge many disabled people face. Overwhelming feelings from having this constant sense of 'on'. Working hard to keep up and fit in. We often find it difficult to Stop, Relax and Think. We find it difficult to express our feeling or understand our thoughts.


We want to share what this sense feels to us, whilst starting a conversation through movement. Sharing the space as friends, to create a sense of togetherness. Exploring what it means to show vulnerability.

Anonymity; Don't Forget
Anonymity; Don't Forget
National Theatre of Scotland, Glasgow CCA: Neurodimensions: October 2021
EQ DANCE, online Dance Festival: December 2020: Film version
Anonymity ; Don't Forget - DTA Photography

 David Thomas Adam Photography

 Get Hip explores the humorous relationship between a Deaf and an Autistic individual and how this connection has helped form an infectious friendship. The piece will use elements of physical theatre and humour, whilst incorporating British Sign Language with Contemporary Dance to form the foundation of the piece.

​​Created with support from the Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival 2020, Love Micro Commission

Get Hip
Get Hip
Dumfries and Galloway Arts Live Festival 2021
Dumfries and Galloway Arts Live Festival 2020: Film version

 David Thomas Adam Photography

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