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A Home for Hamish

Illustration by Jenny Booth

Images by David Thomas Adam

'A Home for Hamish'

We are currently developing a new work through Imaginate's Launch Pad Artist Programme. Our new work, for young audiences, 4-7 years, is called 'A Home for Hamish'. A fully immersive piece filled with lots of room for imagination & play. 'May' travels across Scotland with their Imaginary friend, 'Hamish the Haggis', looking for a perfect night's sleep. Their adventure is full of wild characters like the Dragon that guards Edinburgh Castle or the Jellyfish living deep down in Loch Ness. Come along and get lost in the magic. 

Communicating through British Sign language and the playful merging of contemporary dance, This piece designed for children will have your imagination running freely. 

BSL Coming soon
Imaginate Launchpad Artist Programme
We are grateful to be a part of this programme and for the postive support, Imaginate provides. As part of this, we will be sharing a version of 'A Home for Hamish' at their event in October 2022. 
Unlimited Emerging Artists Award 2021/22 
Commissioned and Research Stage supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Creative Scotland. 
Rosina Bonsu Bursary 
The Work Room & Barrowland Ballet

We are grateful to be the first of two recipients to receive the Rosina Bonsu Bursary, developed by The Work Room & Barrowland Ballet. 

Rosina meant a great deal to us both, who was an excellent teacher and a very kind human. We are looking forward to developing our Artist Practice throughout the Bursary period and continuing to search for ways we can help create a more inclusive dance scene. 

Bursary developed by The Work Room & Barrowland Ballet, as part of Creative Scotland’s Youth Arts Bursaries programme
Rosina Bursary
British Sign Language Movement Workshop 

Our workshop aims to teach basic British Sign Language through movement whilst inviting participants to explore their creative side through storytelling and choreography. Helping remove the social communication barriers, whilst sharing our passion for inclusion and education. 

Our workshop runs for 1 hour 30 minutes and is aimed at primary-age participants, however, can be lots of fun for the whole family to learn. 

We shared this workshop as part of West Dunbartonshire Council's Summer Extravaganza 2021, Clifftop Projects Youth Arts Groups 2021, Femmes Uncut Mamas and Babas Event 2021, and at West College Scotland Dance department 2021.

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