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Access is very important to us. A forever open and adapting conversation. We strive to ensure access is embedded and at the core of our practice.  Please find some helpful resources we have created/shared. You can also check out our Research Project: Where is the line? looking at access from a different angle. 


Are you being ableist? 

A blog about lesley's expeirence of being Autistic & Contact within Dance. 

This Podcast shares personal experiences of what it's like to have a disability in professional training. It addresses the challenges faced by COVID19 and provides adaptations you could apply to your practice.

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More Resources 

Solar Bear Signposting 

'An introduction to making your digital work more BSL inclusive'.  Here you'll find a great guide on working with BSL and Interpreters. 

Inclusive Practice is

Good Practice 

Para Dance UK new Inclusive dance resource film. Featuring 42 of the UK's most experienced and inclusive dance practitioners, providing advice and knowledge. This is a great resource and very valuable to anyone interested in Inclusive dance practice. 


The Online Series

Led by Daryl Beeton Productions, you'll find an excellent online library made up of thoughts, discussions, toolkits, and resources on access and inclusion within the arts.  

Autism Terms Dictionary

Useful terms and vocabulary #ActuallyAutistic people think you should know.  

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