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Access is very important to us. A forever open and adapting conversation. We strive to ensure access is embedded and at the core of our practice. 

Where is the Line?

Where is the line began in 2020, supported by The Work Rooms Artist Research Bursary. We spent time researching and understanding invisible disabilities within mainstream dance settings, pinpointing where the knowledge gaps are based on our lived experience. Mentored by Artist Luke Pell, we were also able to connect with other Deaf and/or Autistic Artists to share our frustrations and find solutions. 

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Where is the Line? Can we get it wrong? 

Supported by the Rosina Bonsu Bursary 2022/23, Can we get it wrong is a workshop focusing on how we view accessibility. We spend a lot of time and energy advocating for more accessible spaces, it wasn't until we started to access these spaces, we quickly learned that our knowledge of what is 'accessible' varied from what we experienced. What was accessible to one, was not to the other - this caught our attention and curiosity which we began exploring. 

What does the term 'Accessible' mean?
Who is it accessible to?
Let's start the conversation!


In preparation for the Workshop, we spent time sharing the space with disabled artists whom we respected and feel are doing amazing advocacy work within the sector. We'd like to thank, Emma Jayne Park, Claire Cunningham, Aby Watson and Annie Hanauer. 

The workshop is a series of practical activities covering topics such as,

Access Clashes

Who's Job is it?


Next steps? 

Our workshop is open to independent artist and organisations who want to explore their understanding of access, particularly focusing on invisible disability access. And expand their knowledge of Deaf and Autistic individuals. We are also able to tailor our workshop to suit your organisation's needs, such as festival accessibility or a more theatre space focused. 

We also have a free zine we can share out with our top tips for working with Autistic and/or Deaf Dancers.

Can we get it wrong? February 2023 

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Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 12.29_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 12.29_edited.jpg

Illustration by Ella McKenzie

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Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 13.53_edited.jpg

Illustrations by Ella McKenzie

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