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It's a must!

What’s it like when dainty femininity is met with strength?  A highly physical & and athletic work, Clare and Lesley take you on their journey as they battle for their place in a society not built for them. . Through release-based movement and improvisation, they want to invite you in on this theatrical & queer lense performance.

Choreographed by Leeanne Dobbie

Image: Paul Fuller

Heads Up: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022: Dance Base
Gathered Together Festival 2022: Glasgow Tramway
DanceLive 2022: City Moves: Aberdeen

Brain on Gam on


 The cognitive circuit of an Autistic brain. 

      Spinning,   Whirling,   Turning. 

The Brain is connected with lots of colourful tangents, sometimes those tangents mix and create fabulous new colours, and other times the colour disappears. Can we work together to get the brain back on track… 


Performers/Choreographers: Clare Adam & Lesley Howard 

Sound Design: Greg Sinclair 

Costume Design: Christine Ting-Huan Urquhart 

Set Design: Ruben San Roman Gamez

Image: Graeme Hamilton

Commissioned by Imaginate & Glasgow Life.
Family Encounters, 
Edinburgh International Children's Festival 2023

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